Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monogrenade - Ce Soir

1. The stop-motion video is wicked 2. Experimental folk 3. You don't need to know french to enjoy this. 
The build in this song starting at 1:38 is really powerful and gets me every time. Halfway through my first listen with headphones on, I exclaimed "Holy Shit!" forgetting that people could actually hear me, it's that good. Montreal's Monogrenade formed in 2009 and their debut LP was released March 1st via Bonsound. If you go to their website you can also download their other amazing song "M'en Aller" for the price of an email address. I listened to two songs and promptly bought the album, totally worth it. Shoutout to Winnie Cooper for this one. Video after the jump.

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