Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The World Cup Goes Indie

Official Website

In case you haven't heard of this tremendous mixtape of 32 songs representing each country playing in 2010's World Cup, here it is:
"Fast Forward is our most ambitious project to date and it has taken over a year to come to fruition. The premise was simple; we asked some of our favourite bands to write about one of the 32 countries participating in South Africa 2010, the only stipulation being that the song be themed on their chosen country and if possible be football related. As you can imagine this definition was interpreted in about 32 different ways but the results are as colourful, imaginative and exciting as the event they will be used to showcase."
The mixtape is broken up by each group making it easy to find any of the countries you are looking for. Please use the link above to learn more about this impressive project. Below are two free mp3s (available for downloading) found on the mixtape, both are fun songs. 

MP3: Grand Pocket Orchestra - Nigeria
MP3: Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - Don't get fooled by the football players' summery outfit

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