About NMC

What is it about?
         Music writing is not my forte, but I like the practice, so I'm just here to share songs that I like with the occasional well written sentence. I have a major soft spot for: accordion, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, saw, a rockin' piano, the moog, trumpets, stellar hand clapping, and whistling. (If your band can play all those, I am already in love). I am open to just about anything with an emphasis on folk, americana, whatever indie rock is, indie pop, and whatever other genres the kids are making up these days. I only post what I enjoy listening to. I would never post a song just to criticize it. Comments are highly encouraged, it takes a good deal of time to run this site so dropping by with your two cents will make me smile.

Why does this exist?
       I was living in a far away land from most of my friends and wanted an easy way to update them on music. What started as a way to share new music finds with my musically inclined and far away friends, has grown into a full blown hobby and daily adventure into the music world. We never expected other people to look at it, but when they did it was magical. And also, I love music.

Your music isn't new and what makes it a collaborative? 
       Previous collaborators did things like fall in love and get their dream jobs, so that left me, Jessica, as the only collaborator. Although, they may still pop up from time to time. 
       While "new" can be a relative term, lots of people expect the most recent songs to be featured here. Unfortunately for those people, my definition of new is less than two years old. In the near future, I may fix this conundrum with a fantastically awesome new name.

Most importantly, if you like what you hear find a way to support the artist, see a show, spread the word, buy their music. Enjoy it. Happy listening.
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