The best way to reach me is by email:  JessNewMusicCo [at] gmail [dot] com
Second best way and guaranteed quick response is Twitter

Music Submissions: 
These are suggested guidelines, use them however you see fit.

  • A brief introduction is fine, I don't need multiple paragraphs.
  • A link to a place where your music is easy to find and instantly stream-able - Bandcamp and Soundcloud are preferred. Myspace pages are a waste of everybody's time. 
  • If you send me a link to listen to your full album, suggest a few tracks to start with.
  • Please let me know what I have permission to post, or if it's for streaming only. 
  • Links to downloads are fine, provided I can stream your music first. 
  • It helps if you include links to your website, twitter, and facebook etc. and I will include those links in the post.
I don't always have time to respond to everyone, but if you have taken the time to write a personal message I will try to get back to you. Please note that I have trouble keeping up with emails during the summer months and this is a blog run by one person, Jessica, who also has a full time job, making it difficult to respond to every email.

I rarely watch music videos and will only consider posting a video if you have an accompanying mp3 or if I have written about you before.

I never post hip-hop and the only remixes I post are ones I find myself on other blogs, please don't send me your remix. Everything else is fair game. Thank you for taking the time to send your music my way. 

If you are a reader and have comments, questions, need to vent etc., shoot me an email.

If you are a band and you want me to remove a song, I will do so immediately at your request.

You can stalk me via these social media platforms, I won't mind:
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