Friday, March 30, 2012

Great Lake Swimmers - The Knife

Great Lake Swimmers just started their massive tour this week and it ends June 23rd in support of their highly anticipated record, New Wild Everywhere, out April 3rd. This song is what I imagine stripped down National songs would sound like (also if Matt Berninger wasn't so monotone sounding). It's gorgeous and the plucking of strings might as well be the plucking of heartstrings.

"I should have known that in a storm, you'd act like thunder and shift your form...cut me free, let me go." 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NMC Hiatus

I'll be back soon. Can't say when. You can still find me talking about music and stuff on:
We're busy planning music and beer events on a monthly basis in the Boston area and someday I'll get back to this whole writing about music thing again. Until then, enjoy the spring time.
Tanlines - All of Me
Morningbell - You Think I Don't Know (But I Know)
Summer Cult - Ship to Sail
Andrew Johnston - Don't Need To Know
Radiation City - Eye of Yours
Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner
The Spring Standards - Only Skin

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Trews - One by One

"One by one, every heart is a loaded gun" goes the hook of this catchy song. The Trews' song "One by One" is somewhere along the lines of poppy folk/rock music, but the rest of their music has a much stronger rock vibe. The Trews, a Toronto based band, are as polished and cohesive as bands come band. They've been around since the early 2000s and it's high time you hear their music in case you haven't already. Enjoy.

If you're lucky, they'll be stopping by one of your fine cities.

The Trews Tour Dates
April 17 – Two Boots – Bridgeport, CT
April 18 – Club Metronome – Burlington, VT
April 19 – The Church – Boston, MA
April 20 – The Shaskeen – Manchester, NH
April 21 – Wellmont Theater – Montclair, NJ
April 24 – Fete Music – Providence, RI
April 27 – Hard Rock Café – Pittsburgh, PA
April 28 – Brothers Lounge – Cleveland, OH
May 9 – The Loft – Lansing, MI
May 10 – The Auricle – Canton, OH
May 11 – Frankies – Toledo, OH
May 12 – Rumba Café – Columbus, OH
May 15 – Preservation Club – Knoxville, TN
May 16 – Smithe’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA
May 17 – The Rutledge – Nashville, TN
May 18 – Gerstle’s – Louisville, KY

Pale Seas - Amour

Pale Seas previously caught the attention of many with their track "Something or Nothing". Here is the B side to that which is now available on clear vinyl. As exciting as that release is, I'm really looking forward to hearing a full album from this talented group. 
Here are the vinyl details:
Limited to 300 copies on 45rpm 7" transparent vinyl, the physical record comes with a free MP3 download of both the A and B side. Digital download and stream is available from iTunes,Amazon, Spotify and all other digital outlets. You can order the limited edition 7" direct from Fear & Records Store or Rough Trade.

Julia Stone- It's All Okay

In lieu of giving a shit about a music blog while all my compatriots are seemingly partying their asses off at SXSW, I'll just be posting songs and videos at random. I've been disinterested in blogging this month, but it doesn't mean I'm not listening to new songs every day. I'll be back to my usual self in a few weeks. Until then, hold on tight and be prepared for the deluge of random songs.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kelly Hogan - We Can't Have Nice Things

Kelly Hogan is a total babe. I almost left it at that, except that I really want to make it known that I wish her and Neko Case had a reality tv show. Their back and forth banter on the stage always amuses and they carry it out on twitter too. They're the kind of musicians you just want to be friends with, and while that alone is enough to adore them, the music they make also happens to be some of the best of the aughts.

Here we have Kelly Hogan's first single from her highly anticipated album, I Like To Keep Myself in Pain, due out June 5th on AntiRecords. You can pre-order here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Admiral Fallow - Beetle in the Box

Scottish band, Admiral Fallow, put out an absolute treasure of an album, Boots Met My Face, in 2010. Finally they have a new single to share with us. They also made this single into a limited edition, hand stamped, 7" vinyl (only 500 of the puppies) and will be on sale March 5th. All of this is the lead up to their new LP, Tree Bursts In Snow, to be released worldwide on Nettwerk on 21 / 22 May 2012. Find them on facebook and bandcamp. Watch the animated lyric video below as well. Lastly, in case I glazed over this fact, I feel the need to state that this song is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy.

Buffetlibre - Song for Elaine (featuring Peter Von Poehl)

Keeping with the electronic vibe, check out this new song from Buffetlibre. This is great little pop jam and I kind of hope it was written for Elaine Benes the Seinfield character, because really, what other Elaine could there be?


Beat Connection - Think/Feel (ft. Chelsey Scheffe)

If you've been following this blog for awhile you might be familiar with my obsession with Seattle electronic band Beat Connection and their 2010 hit In the Water. They are in a small group of electronic artists that I will never hesitate to post about. That group is really just two bands, Beat Connection and Philly's Sun Airway. They just posted this new track and it provides a great backdrop for zoning out while sipping on your morning tea. (spotted via Dipped in Dollars).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fort Frances - Guess I'm Doing Fine (Beck Cover)

Fort Frances covered one of their favorite Beck songs and I was instantly transported back to high school when I played Sea Change on a never ending loop. Then I realized that Sea Change is 10 years old and I got all nostalgic, but that's another story. Have a listen to this cover and be sure to check out their other songs on facebookbandcamp, and their daytrotter session. Fort Frances is, without a doubt, a band to watch. I suspect their second LP will be more than capable of blowing us away.

It's only you that I'm losing, 
Guess I'm doing fine.
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