Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cashier No. 9 - Lost At Sea

Returning from a long weekend of perfectly warm weather and finally having a skin color other than pasty winter white can make it hard to get back into the swing of things. Luckily this song from the debut album of Cashier No. 9 has a lot of that perfect summer weekend sounds to keep you going until next weekend. It's yet another track that I'll recommend adding to your summer mix. You can pre-order their album To the Death of Fun via Bella Union, due out June 20th.

Unrelated note: I need to warn you that my computer died a sad death last week and I'm feeling a little lost at sea myself in terms of blogging regularly and efficiently. I'm currently without a laptop and feel completely disoriented. Please forgive me for not being my regular blogging self, it will take a little while for things to get back to normal around here. Thanks. Enjoy the music.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Album Review] The Devil Whale - Teeth

The Devil Whale just released their second LP, Teeth, and it sounds a lot like your typical indie folk/rock band but with...teeth if you will. There is just enough bluesy rock and loud guitars thrown in to keep you on your toes and maybe throwing a fist or two. The album takes the energy of Dr. Dog, the vocal stylings (literally on Magic Numbers) of The Head and the Heart, and some blues, rock, and folk
influences from the past and put it all together.

The album seems to be steeped in resentments from surface ones like on "So-Called War" he sings "she's only famous cause she slept with all my friends"and "all of my friends are barracudas" on "Barracuda", and in other songs it's more about a general resentment towards the state of the world. The song titles are freakishly applicable to current events like "Earthquake Dreams", and "The End (isn't coming)". The song you'll want to stomp your foot to the most is "The Road to Hell" which sums up what they've been singing about all along; we're all going to die, the world and media is corrupt, but "you can't live your life afraid of such things." The message isn't the most coherent aspect and neither is this review I guess because there wasn't any driving factor or element that made me connect with the music, yet I still enjoyed it. At the core you have a highly listenable folk/rock album that you can always turn to on days when you feel like the world is going to shit.

The Devil Whale will be touring all over the west coast this summer, check their site for dates. Stream/Buy on bandcamp where the song "Golden" is also a free download.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lauren Shera - Storyteller

A voice with a slight warble and depth sets Lauren Shera apart but apparently she doesn't need to rely on such distinguishing factors when she is being touted as the next in line for folk royalty. She's shared the stage with impressive names from Bob Dylan to Nanci Griffith so I'm a bit surprised that this is the first I'm hearing of Lauren Shera. Her folk songs come across as intrinsically sad, but upon closer inspection maybe she just hasn't got what she's looking for quite yet. This is one to keep an eye on, she's young and has plently of time for things to work out. Look for her album, Once I was a Bird, on June 7th.

It is Rain In My Face - When You Left

Ahh just what wednesday needs, a new track from It is Rain in My Face. I posted about the solo artist not too long ago for the song "Small Prayer" which I am still loving. This new track has a buoyant dreaminess that could take you anywhere. It makes you want to lean back with your feet on your desk, take a deep breath, and close your eyes. Go ahead and do it, I know you want to. 

Fair Ohs - Summer Lake

Stockpiling summer songs for the ultimate summer playlist come August is something everyone should do. The obvious summer songs start coming out in April and by mid-July you're overwhelmed with all the choices. But if you keep a running playlist, you'll be all set and ready to blissfully lounge under the sun with the perfect songs right at your fingertips.  This is one you should include. It's heavy on the summer images and that 60s vibe that bands love so much these days, but with out the excessive haziness. The Fair Ohs music might remind you a bit of other current bands that make their own fair share of summer music like Vampire Weekend, Lord Huron, and Dirty Gold.  Fair Ohs are releasing their album Everything is Dancing on July 7th on their own label. You can pre-order it here.

Watch their strange video for "Everything is Dancing" after the jump featuring Robin and a Gluttonous batman lounging poolside. It's 100% entertaining and creepy. You can also download that song on the Fair Ohs Website.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Video] Spirit Kid - The Wrong Kind of Money

Here's a brand new video from Spirit Kid, a band that gets better and better with every single they put out and every show they play. The video, directed by Avi Paul Weinstein, makes lead singer/songwriter Emeen look like a hologram which is kind of cool. The 60s tinged pop songs are the kind that get stuck in your head instantly, consider this your warning and enjoy.

SPIRIT KID "The Wrong Kind of Money" from avi paul weinstein on Vimeo.

Shakey Graves

The Shakey Graves Kickstarter campaign to fund a new album is going well, having reached the $2,000 mark. There is just 21 more days and $800 more to go. Every little bit helps. In case you don't already know, I fell really hard for the album Roll the Bones, especially during the winter months when it was the first thing I listened to every morning and on quite a few days it was the only thing I listened to. 
Most recently Shakey Graves got to play in Austin when the Railroad Revival Tour with Edward Sharpe, Mumford & Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Crew came through. He's been exciting to watch and it won't be long before you're hearing more about him. He is currently playing some LA shows and is even slated to play a secret Aquarium Drunkard show. Every few months I like to check up on his progress and I always find new bits of information. This time I found out he sings on some songs with an L.A. favorite, Jenny O, for some other bands:
He's My Brother, She's My Sister is an L.A. based band of brother/sister Rachel and Rob Kolar. I believe last night Shakey Graves played at their concert too. From what I've heard I really like the band and it doesn't hurt that Shakey Graves has some connection to them. Check out their bandcamp page for their newest single, "Escape Tonight". 
Rob Kolar has another band called Lemon Sun where Jenny O. and Shakey Graves also contribute their vocals. The bottom line here is donate to the kickstarter campaign I know we're going to love what comes of it. Read more words and find more songs from people that love Shakey Graves at Folk Hive or this fantastic interview with Shakey Graves from Draw Us Lines

Monday, May 23, 2011

Boston Concert Roundup 5/23 - 5/29

Last week I wasn't feeling so great and more than anything I was concert-ed out. As a result I missed some big ones like Tune-Yards, Fleet Foxes, and Lykke Li, but at least my wallet is happier. Now that I haven't seen a concert in 10 days, I feel ready to get back out there. This week provides some good ones and Wednesday is full of tough choices and amazing talent. There'll be some good weekend concerts too in case standing in back yards at memorial day barbeques becomes redundant or too rainy. Specific venue information and links can be found on the Boston links tab.

Monday 5/23
Stay in tonight. Get ready for the week ahead.

Tuesday 5/24 
Chris Thile & Michael Daves @ Brighton Music Hall
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - My Little Tennessee Girl (cover)
Major Lazer @ Middle East downstairs
Allison Weiss @ Middle East Upstairs

Wednesday 5/25 I genuinely want to see each and every one of these bands at some point.
Hey Rosetta! w/ Old Abram Brown@ Great Scott
Hey Rosetta! - Yer Spring
Austra w/ Trust @ Brighton Music Hall
Austra - Lose It
Cloud Cult with Wilderness of Manitoba @ Paradise
Wilderness of Manitoba - Orono Park
Diego Garcia @ Cafe 939
The Booze @ O'Briens Pub
The Booze - Down On Your Luck
Coyote Kolb @ Precinct

Thursday 5/26 
Times New Viking w/ The Babies @ Great Scott
Times New Viking - Fuck Her Tears

Friday 5/27
Friendly Fires w/ Wise Blood @ Paradise
Friendly Fires - Blue Cassette

Saturday 5/28
Stornoway w/ Sea of Bees @ Brighton Music Hall
Stornoway - On the Rocks I saw them a few months ago and this song was amazing live
Sea of Bees - Wizbot
Man Man @ Paradise their live shows are supposed to be a whole other level of insanity
Mean Creek, Hands & Knees, and more @ Great Scott local show full of awesomeness

Sunday 5/29
I got nothing. Enjoy your weekend. Be Safe. Wear seatbelts when applicable.

Ivan & Alyosha - Easy to Love

Seattle band, Ivan & Alyosha, are currently touring with Brandi Carlisle which is huge for them considering not many people knew about them a year ago. A few months ago they offered their latest album Fathers Be Kind on a name your price basis on bandcamp and the blogosphere exploded with kind words for them. In some songs they sound like a smaller The Head & The Heart and have that indie folk/pop sound that makes you wonder why songs like this aren't on the radio. It's music that's easy to attach yourself to without much effort. They are still offering their first album from 2009 The Verse, The Chorus for free on bandcamp. I think it's the hand claps and whistling that make this song my favorite and with lyrics like "The sky turns black, we know it will from time to time/ and we've been through that, and we came out on top" the optimism is infectious.

Download "Glorify" off their new album for the price of an email








Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture or Something...

Just in case you weren't yet tired of the never ending joke that is the predicted Rapture, here are some tunes to keep you going. "These are the days of miracles and wonder, and don't cry baby, don't cry" say's Paul Simon who made it on the mix simply because I've been listening to Graceland way too much recently. "It's the end of the world and I feel fine" (i'm so glad people can finally use this song literally). Elvis Perkins with possibly the most upbeat celebration song on the mix says "But I don't let doomsday bother me / Does it bother you?" and the mix carries on. Just as we all will. At least the rapture jokes kept friday entertaining. Enjoy and be back on Sunday.

Her Space Holiday - Black Cat Balloons

I hope nobody took my last rapturous post seriously. I don't believe any of that stuff, in fact I don't believe in anything at all. Of course this reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Wolf Parade. But I've always liked this cover by Her Space Holiday

Luckily, looking up Her Space Holiday led to the discovery that they'll be releasing a self titled album on August 16th. Her Space Holiday has always been the definition of indie pop in my mind and judging by this brand new single, "Black Cat Balloon" it looks like they've stuck with that sound. 


Like Wild - Rapture Love

Today you were obviously looking for a sweet acoustic guitar love song about the end of the world, right? Well I found it. I like the band, which is actually one man named Patrick Hatt based out of Lancaster, PA, and downloaded the EP on bandcamp Available for a name your price deal.

But to fear what is near is foolish
Even if the times get tough
We'll hold hands till the end surrounds us
In this rapture love 

I'm saving my apocolyptic mix for 2012 because I trust Nostradamus and the Mayans' predictions over some nut who has already flubbed one Rapture prediction before. At best, it's a great excuse for a theme party and some excessive debauchery. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Man Man - Life Fantastic

This is a picture of my walk home last night from the exact moment I decided I loved Man Man's Life Fantastic album. I might be the only person loving this foggy, misty, rainy weather that has dominated the Northeast for the past 10 days. But more people would love it if they'd just walk around with the new Man Man album, Life Fantastic, playing in their headphones.
Between the abnormal amounts of fog and lots of listens to Man Man's unusual lyrical absurdities and dramatic theatrical music I feel like I've been living in a Tim Burton musical, to the point where I'm convinced I'll run into a shady Johnny Depp character any moment now. But hopefully not the one described in "Haute Tropique" where people are turned into home furnishings and "two monks from a deli/ he siracha'ed and jellied/ and made a corset out of them for his belly". It's as gruesome as the dark album gets but it's not something you want to turn away from, instead the story envelopes you and it is every bit as enticing as a movie.
  Man Man - "Shameless"
       The songs do some jumping around from the dark and dreary to the caustic Piranhas Club set to music that sounds like a 50s do-wop anthem while he sing's "the world is a shit show, as bad as the sequel". While the music is arranged to perfection in it's own unusual way their lyrical abilities stand up to it. It commands an intent listener which is a rare thing to conjure up these days.
         The current musical atmosphere is applauding bands like Tune-Yards and Odd Future for their fresh take on music and for shaking things up but I think Man Man deserves recognition for the very same qualities, especially since they've been doing it remarkably well for much longer than the other bands.  Website // Buy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[COVER] Bruce Peninsula - The Swimming Song

via anitrone 
Bruce Peninsula covers Loudon Wainwright III's "The Swimming Song" and they make it just a little more rockable, dialing down the banjo a tad. Their harmonies are the best. This one is probably going to make it as the lead off track on my summer mix. "This summer I did swan dives and jack knives for you all/ and once when you weren't looking I did a cannon ball." If those aren't the most fun loving, summer appropriate lyrics then I don't know what is.

Fruit Bats - WACS ft. J Mascis

Fruit Bats have been around for ten years and have just announced a new--their fifth--album, Tripper, will be released in August. Fruit Bats have always been a quintessential indie pop band of the last decade for me, I highly doubt I'm alone in my eager anticipation of this album. This song is very worthy of a no pants dance, just saying. "Let's get stoned and put on some records, how hard could it be?"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Iceland Music Export Compilation

For those of you that love what you hear coming from Iceland (and how could you not?) this is some exciting news. Every few months Iceland Music Export makes amazing compilations of artists they love and put them into a playlists on soundcloud. Here is the fourth installment for your streaming pleasure. But if you go to their soundcloud page you can find additional songs. Get comfy, put on your best pair of headphones, and dig in. You might just discover a new favorite band.

Emmy the Great - Century of Sleep

Emmy the Great's previous album is one you can always go back to with songs like "Canopies & Drapes" and  "Dylan" they are not the type of fleeting songs that you forget about over the course of a few months or when your playlists gets stale. Instead you are always adding them to your future playlists. The songs stick with you to the point where there have been days I crave her songs. One can only hope and expect that her latest album, Virtue, due out in June will provide the same type of music. Luckily, based on this new single I think we might just be in luck. Listen to more on soundcloud.

Sun Airway - Your Moon (BRAHMS Remix)

Just like every other blog post out there I'll start by stating that I'm not a big fan of remixes, but this one is fantastic. There aren't many electronic artists that I support wholeheartedly but Sun Airway is one that I absolutely do. They put on one of the best shows I've seen this year and they just obliterate you with wall after wall of sound. BRAHMS balances this remix perfectly with a little bit of cinematic allure and the right amount of pumping beats while allowing the best aspects of the original song to come through strong.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bon Iver - Calgary

This is turning out to be a wonderful Monday. This track is everything Bon Iver fans have been waiting for and the excitement surrounding it is completely warranted. If this is the first time you are hearing it just remember that a first listen only happens once so give it your full attention. It is a song that is full of life and beauty and has the signature Bon Iver sound that makes everything else melt away.

Album is out June 21st via Jagjaguwar records. Preorder is available now.

Best Week of Concerts Ever?

Last week brought a few nights that were stacked with concerts that led to some tough last minute decisions. This week brings the big guns with Fleet Foxes and Lykke Li coming to town along with some other people I'm dying to see live for the first time like Tune-Yards. Luckily, this week it is perfectly spread out over 7 days. There's not a difficult decision in sight unless you count the internal debate of whether or not it's practical to go out every night this week. Considering the line up I think it is. Here's what we have to look forward to this week in Boston.
via The Examiner
Monday 5/16
Tune - Yards with Buke & Gass at Brighton Music Hall
Super buzzed about, P4K best new music, and yeah it's only $10
Tune - Yards - Powa

Tuesday 5/17
Fleet Foxes at The Orpheum
Why would you not go?
Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

Wednesday 5/18
Diego Garcia at Cafe 939 [show postponed to 5/25]
Diego Garcia - You Were Never There

Thursday 5/19
Great Lakes at O'briens Pub
Great Lakes - Ghost brother
Local show: Movers & Shakers at Plough & Stars

Friday 5/20
Lykke Li with at House of Blues [almost sold out]
  Tonight by LykkeLi

Sunday 5/22 
Junip at Brighton Music Hall
Junip - In Every Direction

Kingsley Flood - I Don't Wanna Go Home

Kingsley Flood's brand new single debuted as NPR's song of the day a few hours ago and I couldn't be more proud of this Boston based band. They've been playing the song live for months and it's certainly one of the highlights of the show. It's very exciting to finally have the song in an ipod friendly format so I can drive around playing this song as loud as possible.
They will be giving this song away for free on their website and facebook page for a limited time. Check out their early summer dates, they put on a show you don't want to miss. I would know I've been to more than I can count.

I'm From Barcelona - Always Spring

This is the second single the Swedish collective is releasing from their recently released album Forever Today. The entire album sounds like the type of song they use at the end of a romantic comedy movie when everyone is finally in love and happy and they are laughing at some punch line as they ride into the sunset in their red convertible. I'm From Barcelona is one of those bands you can consistently turn to for a pick me up. What I love most about this band is that the fact that it's a revolving group of over twenty people (27 I believe) that write these songs together and it always sounds like they had the best time just hanging out with their friends making music. There is also a brand new video to watch after the jump. "Somewhere it's summer, somewhere it's always spring."
 I'm From Barcelona - Always Spring by I'm from Barcelona

J Roddy Walston & The Business - I Don't Wanna Hear It

Somedays I drift off and imagine what life would be like if I only responded to people in song lyrics. Most days I don't get past imagining using this song since "I don't wanna hear it" is a response that would make logical sense in most situations, not to mention it would be the truth 90% of the time. Happy Monday!

Be prepared, "I Don't Wanna" is the theme of the day. Here's the boring info you might be looking for:
Website // Buy// This is from his 2010 debut album which is all solid rock and roll. Play it as loud as you can.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Ruffled Feathers - Blueprints for our Failed Revolution

I started about writing about this Vancouver based chamber-pop band, The Ruffled Feathers, that I've been following ever since I came across their EP on bandcamp and how I was excited to finally see this video since they have been talking about it for months. I loved the story it told, the imagery felt just right, and everything from the necklace, to the wine at sunset, and especially to the burning piano was spellbinding. It is rare that I enjoy videos and even more rare that I feel like a video enhances a song, and this one certainly does. When I read the note that outlines the video on their website, I realized just how much my words were failing me. The note reads so well that it would be difficult to pick any one excerpt. So have a listen to the song and go on to read the note in full and watch the video after the jump.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Handful of songs...

Blogger (the platform) has been down and deleting posts and drafts the thought of recreating all of that is exhausting. But I know you're here for the songs. Here are a few both new and old that are getting played on repeat.

David Vandervelde - Nothin' No
Seriously this song takes me back. I once binged on this song for most of 2008 and now I'm back for more.

Good Old War - My Own Sinking Ship
Thank goodness for shuffle in itunes otherwise this song would have been lost for ages. I hear accordion.

Fences - Girls with Accents
At his concert he admitted to hating this song because they just wrote it as a joke so they could swear during the chorus but then it became an accidental hit. It always happens that way. And sometimes you just need to sing along to "I'm f*ing up everything". Also Fences is a solid live act.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Box of Stones

Benjamin Francis Leftwich has been making the blogosphere rounds on covers of Arcade Fire's "Rebellion" and Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City". Finally, we get to hear an original track from his forthcoming album due out June 20th (pre-order). If you like James Vincent McMorrow you'll be more than satisfied with Benjamin Francis Leftwich as well.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diego Garcia - You Were Never There

Diego Garcia's album, Laura, is an entire break-up album inflected with spanish guitar is a painful beauty that you can't turn away from. It takes you through all the stages of a break up in such detail that the listener can envision the story and Diego Garcia's heartbreak from start to finish with an intense clarity. Don't worry though, there is a secret happy ending if you, like me, decide to google him and find out that he is currently married to this "Laura", the same one that provided the emotional material for these songs. The promo song is not my most favorite from the album, which if you give it a listen, bodes very well for the rest of the album. "Roses & Wine" and "Stay" are my favorites. The last time I played an album on repeat like this was the January of the Shakey Graves discovery. Feel free to hold me to this, Diego Garcia will be on my end of year listBuy This!

The Wealthy West - Love is Not Enough

Brandon Kinder is going by the moniker The Wealthy West when taking a break from being the singer of The Rocketboys. The Wealthy West currently has a five song EP out with five well written indie-pop-esque songs. It was the lyrics of "Love is Not Enough" that caught my attention; "Love is not enough, But if singing about it's what you want, then La di da, la di da, la di da, there you go." I appreciate that tounge in cheek sarcasm equating love to a few La Di Da's in a song.

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 10th: A Concert Goer's Hell/Heaven

Tuesday, May 10th has been an ominous day looming on my calendar, full of difficult decisions. At this moment, I still don't know for certain which shows I'll pick, it's that arduous of a task. I've known for a few months about some big and exciting concerts that will be in town tomorrow and of course in the last few weeks some smaller and equally as exciting concerts have been added as well. The grand total of places I'd like to be all at once comes to six different concert venues. And just wait until you hear who all is in town. Also Chelsea Handler is in town, but I'd see music over her any day.

Paradise: Sleigh Bells with CSS
If you're in the mood to get your ears blasted to pieces, and feel music, especially bass, in every microscopic cell of your body, this is where you need to be. I'd see CSS just to hear "Music is my hot hot sex" any day.
Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above

Brighton Music Hall: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. with Princeton
It took me a while to get past their name but once I did I realized I'd been missing out big time. I'm seriously considering running back and forth between BMH and Great Scott to burn off the beers I'll be drinking and to maximize the greatness of May 10th.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Morning Thought
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Simple Girl

Cafe 939: Cass McCombs with Sleepy Very Sleepy
Cass McCombs. What more could I say? Unfortunately this is not conveniently close to any of the other venues.
Cass McCombs - County Line

Toad: Robert Sarazin Blake with Jefferson Hamer
Blake puts on one of the best concerts I've ever seen with adlibing poetry materializing in front of your eyes. Hamer is a killer guitarist who will play with and after Robert Blake. I saw them three weeks ago, and because this concert is super early I'll be seeing him again. Can. not. wait.
 We Can Roll Down Tonite/ Dublin To Belfast by Robert Sarazin Blake

Great Scott: Tornado Relief benefit with Old Jack, Larcenist, The Wandas
Three talented local bands plus money goes to a good cause plus my favorite Boston music scenesters will be there. What more could a girl want? Highly recommend this show to anyone/everyone.
Old Jack - Chorus Line
Larcenist - Leon

House of Blues: Manchester Orchestra with Cage the Elephant, O'Brother
It's been awhile since I thought about Manchester Orchestra but there was once a time that I listened to them every single day. I miss them. Plus Cage the Elephant is intriguing as well.

As long as the bus doesn't break down while traveling between venues, I think it will be a memorable tuesday evening. I couldn't be more excited. There are some tough decisions to make but it's hard to complain about always having such an overwhelmingly good music scene in Boston, like some old band once said, "It could be heaven or it could be hell". What shows would you choose?

Mutual Spirits 12"

Father/Daughter Recrods are sharing two songs from the forthcoming Mutual Spirits 12" -- a split shared between Holy Spirits (New York, NY) and Mutual Benefit (Boston, MA / Columbus, OH). In case you are unaware, this tiny label is one of the best out there and highly respected and loved by bloggers, bands, and music lovers and you should definitely check out their website. The real treat of these songs is the limited (250) vinyl pressed on gold and clear swirl. Snatch it up while you can, it sounds like a special addition to any record collection.
Mutual Benefit's song fits nicely next to Holy Spirits' "To the Shore", both songs offering something different but complimentary of each other. The Holy Spirits' song sounds like the Local Natives got trapped in a slow moving hazy summer heat wave. 
Mutual Benefit's song has more of a folk sound to them and the much talked about Stefaloo contributes her gentle voice resulting in one of the most calming songs I've heard in a long time. It's like drinking a cup of camomile tea with honey.
Mutual Benefit - No Names (featuring Lizard Kisses & Stefaloo)

Seryn - We Will All Be Changed

I've held off on posting about this band because it seemed like everyone else had before the album was released all the way back in March. Even though there is hardly a whisper about the band now in the blogosphere, this album is still making weekly appearances in my world. One of the problems with music blogging is that even though 12 Hype Machine bloggers (including everyone's favorite I am Fuel, You Are Friends) this bands still feels under-talked about. Of course banjos and chamber folk-pop bands aren't for everyone, which is fine, but seriously folks need to hear this band.

One of my favorite tracks from Seryn's album is their shortest and instrumental, "Untitled" but it embodies so much of what my ideal song is. It starts off with slowly plucking notes on a banjo backed by an accordion until about the one minute mark when it changes tempo and a kick drum is thrown in the mix, eventually making way for hand claps. The result is pure jubilation, at a certain point in the song you want to jump up and clap along. I blast this song in the car until  my rearview mirror is shaking. That could be slightly excessive but it's so worth it to have your ears filled with banjo hand clapping goodness.
The rest of the album oscilates between light and dark without ever getting muddied in mediocracy. Many of their songs work with the same build I described in the song "untitled" and adding instrument after instrument never ceases to hold my interest. Every band member contributes to the multi-part harmonies that are so crisp, pristine, and downright gorgeous that you have to wonder how they ever recruited such a perfect match of band members. Why are you still reading? Go listen!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jolie Holland - Gold & Yellow

If 'Black & Yellow' wasn't your thing, try this color combination song. This is the first song released from Jolie Holland's  upcoming 3rd album Pint of Blood, due out June 28th. When she sings it almost sounds like she is attempting to swallow her words, like they are difficult to get out.
 Jolie Holland - Gold and Yellow by antirecords


BABY BABY has been gaining a lot of momentum since SXSW as it seems their live performances have really gotten people talking. If you don't want to jump up and down and jam out to this song, you might need to see a doctor. The energy behind this, and all of their songs, is palpable. Best of all the sound is so fresh that I'm tempted to use the word "unique", the band just calls this "fun rock" which is apt enough for me. You can stream the album here before it is released on May 24th. I love the track "The Sandwich and I thought we were friends". I think you'll be hearing a lot about this band this summer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vandaveer - Concerning Past & Future Conquests

Tonight in Cambridge at T.T. the Bear's two indie folk bands that I adore, Vandaveer and Ferraby Lionheart, are playing. Even though that obnoxious bass will be seeping through the floorboards from the club below TTs, I think both bands will be more than capable of putting on a fantastic show. It happens to be the first show of Vandaveer's tour as well, and first shows are always a little extra exciting to see. Watch a video for my favorite song of Ferraby Lionheart's, "Pocketknife" here.

It Is Rain In My Face - Small Prayer

It is Rain In My Face is experimental electronic borderline folk music created by one man, Mat Jones. "Small Prayer" was the first song I came across and there was an instant attraction. Have a listen and see if it has the same effect on you. "Vine Vine" is the most recent release. Free download of the Small Prayer EP here (mediafire). A new EP, Distal Cues, will be released soon on Denmark Records. Pre-order it here. You can always listen to more on is soundcloud page.
  Small Prayer by It is rain in my face.
 Vine Vine by It is rain in my face.
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