Monday, May 9, 2011

May 10th: A Concert Goer's Hell/Heaven

Tuesday, May 10th has been an ominous day looming on my calendar, full of difficult decisions. At this moment, I still don't know for certain which shows I'll pick, it's that arduous of a task. I've known for a few months about some big and exciting concerts that will be in town tomorrow and of course in the last few weeks some smaller and equally as exciting concerts have been added as well. The grand total of places I'd like to be all at once comes to six different concert venues. And just wait until you hear who all is in town. Also Chelsea Handler is in town, but I'd see music over her any day.

Paradise: Sleigh Bells with CSS
If you're in the mood to get your ears blasted to pieces, and feel music, especially bass, in every microscopic cell of your body, this is where you need to be. I'd see CSS just to hear "Music is my hot hot sex" any day.
Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above

Brighton Music Hall: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. with Princeton
It took me a while to get past their name but once I did I realized I'd been missing out big time. I'm seriously considering running back and forth between BMH and Great Scott to burn off the beers I'll be drinking and to maximize the greatness of May 10th.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Morning Thought
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Simple Girl

Cafe 939: Cass McCombs with Sleepy Very Sleepy
Cass McCombs. What more could I say? Unfortunately this is not conveniently close to any of the other venues.
Cass McCombs - County Line

Toad: Robert Sarazin Blake with Jefferson Hamer
Blake puts on one of the best concerts I've ever seen with adlibing poetry materializing in front of your eyes. Hamer is a killer guitarist who will play with and after Robert Blake. I saw them three weeks ago, and because this concert is super early I'll be seeing him again. Can. not. wait.
 We Can Roll Down Tonite/ Dublin To Belfast by Robert Sarazin Blake

Great Scott: Tornado Relief benefit with Old Jack, Larcenist, The Wandas
Three talented local bands plus money goes to a good cause plus my favorite Boston music scenesters will be there. What more could a girl want? Highly recommend this show to anyone/everyone.
Old Jack - Chorus Line
Larcenist - Leon

House of Blues: Manchester Orchestra with Cage the Elephant, O'Brother
It's been awhile since I thought about Manchester Orchestra but there was once a time that I listened to them every single day. I miss them. Plus Cage the Elephant is intriguing as well.

As long as the bus doesn't break down while traveling between venues, I think it will be a memorable tuesday evening. I couldn't be more excited. There are some tough decisions to make but it's hard to complain about always having such an overwhelmingly good music scene in Boston, like some old band once said, "It could be heaven or it could be hell". What shows would you choose?

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  1. You definitely need to see Manchester Orchestra above all else! The new album is amazing.


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