Monday, May 23, 2011

Ivan & Alyosha - Easy to Love

Seattle band, Ivan & Alyosha, are currently touring with Brandi Carlisle which is huge for them considering not many people knew about them a year ago. A few months ago they offered their latest album Fathers Be Kind on a name your price basis on bandcamp and the blogosphere exploded with kind words for them. In some songs they sound like a smaller The Head & The Heart and have that indie folk/pop sound that makes you wonder why songs like this aren't on the radio. It's music that's easy to attach yourself to without much effort. They are still offering their first album from 2009 The Verse, The Chorus for free on bandcamp. I think it's the hand claps and whistling that make this song my favorite and with lyrics like "The sky turns black, we know it will from time to time/ and we've been through that, and we came out on top" the optimism is infectious.

Download "Glorify" off their new album for the price of an email








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