Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Album Review] The Devil Whale - Teeth

The Devil Whale just released their second LP, Teeth, and it sounds a lot like your typical indie folk/rock band but with...teeth if you will. There is just enough bluesy rock and loud guitars thrown in to keep you on your toes and maybe throwing a fist or two. The album takes the energy of Dr. Dog, the vocal stylings (literally on Magic Numbers) of The Head and the Heart, and some blues, rock, and folk
influences from the past and put it all together.

The album seems to be steeped in resentments from surface ones like on "So-Called War" he sings "she's only famous cause she slept with all my friends"and "all of my friends are barracudas" on "Barracuda", and in other songs it's more about a general resentment towards the state of the world. The song titles are freakishly applicable to current events like "Earthquake Dreams", and "The End (isn't coming)". The song you'll want to stomp your foot to the most is "The Road to Hell" which sums up what they've been singing about all along; we're all going to die, the world and media is corrupt, but "you can't live your life afraid of such things." The message isn't the most coherent aspect and neither is this review I guess because there wasn't any driving factor or element that made me connect with the music, yet I still enjoyed it. At the core you have a highly listenable folk/rock album that you can always turn to on days when you feel like the world is going to shit.

The Devil Whale will be touring all over the west coast this summer, check their site for dates. Stream/Buy on bandcamp where the song "Golden" is also a free download.

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