Monday, May 9, 2011

Seryn - We Will All Be Changed

I've held off on posting about this band because it seemed like everyone else had before the album was released all the way back in March. Even though there is hardly a whisper about the band now in the blogosphere, this album is still making weekly appearances in my world. One of the problems with music blogging is that even though 12 Hype Machine bloggers (including everyone's favorite I am Fuel, You Are Friends) this bands still feels under-talked about. Of course banjos and chamber folk-pop bands aren't for everyone, which is fine, but seriously folks need to hear this band.

One of my favorite tracks from Seryn's album is their shortest and instrumental, "Untitled" but it embodies so much of what my ideal song is. It starts off with slowly plucking notes on a banjo backed by an accordion until about the one minute mark when it changes tempo and a kick drum is thrown in the mix, eventually making way for hand claps. The result is pure jubilation, at a certain point in the song you want to jump up and clap along. I blast this song in the car until  my rearview mirror is shaking. That could be slightly excessive but it's so worth it to have your ears filled with banjo hand clapping goodness.
The rest of the album oscilates between light and dark without ever getting muddied in mediocracy. Many of their songs work with the same build I described in the song "untitled" and adding instrument after instrument never ceases to hold my interest. Every band member contributes to the multi-part harmonies that are so crisp, pristine, and downright gorgeous that you have to wonder how they ever recruited such a perfect match of band members. Why are you still reading? Go listen!

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