Thursday, May 19, 2011

Man Man - Life Fantastic

This is a picture of my walk home last night from the exact moment I decided I loved Man Man's Life Fantastic album. I might be the only person loving this foggy, misty, rainy weather that has dominated the Northeast for the past 10 days. But more people would love it if they'd just walk around with the new Man Man album, Life Fantastic, playing in their headphones.
Between the abnormal amounts of fog and lots of listens to Man Man's unusual lyrical absurdities and dramatic theatrical music I feel like I've been living in a Tim Burton musical, to the point where I'm convinced I'll run into a shady Johnny Depp character any moment now. But hopefully not the one described in "Haute Tropique" where people are turned into home furnishings and "two monks from a deli/ he siracha'ed and jellied/ and made a corset out of them for his belly". It's as gruesome as the dark album gets but it's not something you want to turn away from, instead the story envelopes you and it is every bit as enticing as a movie.
  Man Man - "Shameless"
       The songs do some jumping around from the dark and dreary to the caustic Piranhas Club set to music that sounds like a 50s do-wop anthem while he sing's "the world is a shit show, as bad as the sequel". While the music is arranged to perfection in it's own unusual way their lyrical abilities stand up to it. It commands an intent listener which is a rare thing to conjure up these days.
         The current musical atmosphere is applauding bands like Tune-Yards and Odd Future for their fresh take on music and for shaking things up but I think Man Man deserves recognition for the very same qualities, especially since they've been doing it remarkably well for much longer than the other bands.  Website // Buy

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