Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Passenger - Night Vision Binoculars

Today's song was very easy to pick. I recently came across this poppy catchy song and have been enjoying it more and more since I have my own stalker situation unfolding. Today when I was followed across town by a creepy stalker (it was a video worthy bike chase really, especially since he went flying into traffic after i cut him off on a busy road) this is the song that I thought to play first.  With lyrics as creepy and awesome as this how can you not like it?

I'm the boy that's calling your house.
I'm the boy that's freaking you out.
With my thermal flask of tea.
Up there in your neighbor's tree.

I'm the boy that's crossing borders.
I'm the boy with social disorders.
I'm the boy with restraining orders.
I'm the boy, yeah.

Cuz I just wanna walk you home.
I just wanna walk you home.
And I know that's it not right to creep.
But I just wanna watch you sleep alone.

They also have normal non-creepy songs with a totally different, slower, sound. I really like this band and you can download two of their songs off their new album for free on their myspace page.

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