Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brett Dennen - San Francisco

I am definitely going to live in this city within the next few years. Even though I've only been there twice, it's one of those cities that you could spend months and months exploring - it has so much character and depth. I just spent Thanksgiving there and I listened to this on the plane several times to the point where I was humming it as I walked down the streets....yes I'm silly, but it's a great song!

My Dad's favorite lyrics of this song: "It's a great baseball town, but my team is across the bay."
My favorite lyrics: "I'm gonna rent me an old Victorian down in the Lower Haight. I'm gonna find me an old accordion, play for the tourists on the golden gate."

p.s. This video is just the orange picture you see at the beginning, so put this on and then go listen to it on your couch. If you stare at the picture for too long it becomes an optical illusion and you will believe that it is moving....not that it would happen to me or anything...

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