Sunday, December 6, 2009

Devendra Banhart - Little Yellow Spider

I had a seriously hard time choosing which one of his songs to pick. It is especially tricky because his music is considered "freak-folk" which is a fantastic genre but it incorporates a lot of different and unconventional styles. A little like Nick Drake or some Mason Jennings. Devendra Banhart has a quirky voice and in Little Yellow Spider he seems to be purposely lisping some of his words. Instead of my kids listening to Raffi songs or Old McDonald, they will listen to this one about all the animals, even if the information is incorrect. "Well I came upon a dancing crab and I stopped to watch it shake, I said dance for me just one more time before you hibernate and you come out a crab cake." Don't ask me why I like it so much, I just do. Other songs are "The Body Breaks" (first song I had from him and I love it), Baby, 16th & Valencia Roxy Music, Rats, Heard Somebody Say...the list goes on and on. 

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