Friday, December 11, 2009

Tony Lucca, Jay Nash, Matt Duke - Pretty Things

Each of these singer/songwriters deserves their own post, which they will get in the following days, however they got together and produced this kick ass EP titled "TFDI" which stands for "Totally F***in doin' it!" and it is one of the better $3.95 I have spent on itunes. There are lots of songs to be shared from each artist but for now I will focus on the EP which nicely fits into this weeks slew of cover songs because they sing "The weight" by The Band as one of their four songs on the EP. You can hear most of the EP on Matt Dukes myspace page; including his original song Sex and Reruns which is greatly improved with the help of the other two guys. Of course the song I really want you to hear is not on that myspace page. You can find the Tony Lucca version on his myspace page though. Just to be fair here is Jay Nash's myspace page. He is my favorite of the three, I love his voice (Bou he will be your favorite too and you already have one of his songs from me). Eeks did I really just choose a favorite? I feel like a mom who just announced that the oldest child is her favorite. Whatever, its music I love them all.

Here is a video which does not do it justice but just had the best song quality I could find. Unfortunately it is sung solo by Tony Lucca. I urge you to find or purchase this song sung by the three of them somewhere else so you can fully appreciate it. Gosh I love it today. P.S. all three of these guys are irresistibly cute. I just want to give them all big hugs.

***Important Update: Jay Nash is playing TONIGHT at Club Passim in Cambridge at 10. GO GO GO!!! and then let me know how it is. (He is playing with Caitlin Crosby and Crosby Loggins and they are both pretty awesome too and yes Crosby Loggins IS Kenny Loggins son. Cool.***


  1. 3 for one on this one. I do love The Places You'll Go from one of the many CD's you've made. Kenny Loggins' son and David Crosby's daughter--interesting pairing.

  2. i know they get to call their tour Crosby, Nash, and Loggins...very funny but not quite the same thing as the original :)


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