Monday, February 15, 2010

Barton Carroll - Poor Boy Can't Dance

Barton Carroll is a Seattle based musician who has previously played with the band Crooked Fingers and has accompanied some other musicians along the way while working on his solo albums. His sound is very Americana but without that gravely twangy sound that one might associate with the genre. His newest album, Together You and I, is really great filled with nice mellow sounds while the lyrics linger somewhere around hope or hoplessness and have a way of grabbing your attention. I could listen to him all day. There is just something to these songs that I can't quite put my finger on, other than I want to keep listening to them. I especially love, love, love the clarinet in this song and the little story. Listen to more on his myspace and I highly suggest these songs: Together You and I, Dark Place, Lets get on with the illusion, and Those Days are gone and my heart is breaking.
"I had a girl back home she left me all alone 
said i was born with two left feet 
and thats the truth of it, you know I must admit 
i can barely walk down the street, 
well if it takes one more to send me on the floor 
well let me see what I can do, oh to spend some time with you. 
So dance with me..."

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