Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brandi Carlile - XOBC EP

So, I don't know if I should admit this or not but I don't really like Brandi Carlile. I guess it started before her Grey's Anatomy fame when I came across her songs and went on a downloading spree and had maybe 20 of her songs. A few weeks later after listening to bits and pieces of her songs I deleted them all. Something I almost NEVER do. I like to keep at least one song by those artists so that if they ever get big I can say, "see I knew about them, their song must have been remastered for the radio it sounds so much better now". Then her songs got played on Grey's Anatomy and people loved her, my mom bought not one but two of her CDs. I can only listen to so many of her songs before I get painfully bored and her voice starts bothering me. I have never liked her big hits like "The Story". They just didn't click for me and they all sound the same. I hate bashing music, really I do, because I profoundly appreciate and respect musical talent even if my ears don't. And I know Brandi Carlile has talent.

I am only doing this to show you just how much I had to overcome to love Brandi's new EP that came out yesterday just in time for Valentine's Day. It might have something to do with the fact that she covers "Heaven" the 80s hit by Bryan Adams and she did a good job making it her own. Or that "Us Again" has a fun country twang and is upbeat and happy. She sings happy songs? Who knew? I could care less about her "All you Need is Love" cover, but together as a package this EP works. The five songs fit together well and they sound different enough that I can actually listen to the five of them in a row. Ok, maybe I like "Dying Day" from her most recent album. Her sound is changing, musicians can change, and that is part of why I love music, musicians have the ability to change and be versatile, much more so than people in real life. Feel free to be angry at me for disliking her, I am hypocritical because I know I listen to plenty of people who have obnoxious voices (anyone remember Tilly and The Wall from the vday cdays? Nope? Exactly my point) but I just had to get that out there. While I am dissing people I might as well come out and say the really big one....I dislike Bruce Springsteen. A lot. I like about 5 of his songs but I have found covers of all of them and like the covers better than the originals. I once met another person who also disliked Bruce Springsteen as much as I did and we were instant BFFs, it was a magical connection, much stronger than what two people who like The Boss feel towards each other. I feel as free as a bird with that off my chest. Now we can move forward.  Feel free to comment on my confessions of the day.

Now from Brandi Carlile...I can only find XOBC on itunes right now, but give it a few days and I am sure I will be able to add a video.

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