Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grace Weber Band - Sparrows

This is pretty brand spanking new music, it was just added to itunes and I've been waiting a month for it, I was going crazy without it on my ipod. Jackie's Sara Bareilles post made me think of this song because #1 the vocals are outstanding, comforting, and perfectly suited to the music. #2 it has that ability to reduce a lonely girl to some teeny tiny tears on particular days.  It took me a few listens to fall in love with it, and now I am hooked. On their myspace page they put themselves in the soul/indie genre and I think that is pretty fitting. Some of the band's songs have great little piano solos and I love the saxophone. Check out "What We Say" but everything is really good. You can hear lots of full versions of their songs on this website: http://www.thesixtyone.com/#/graceweber/

P.S. Maybe I do say male musicians are cute a little too often I'm just going to throw this out there...I think she is really cute. However, her looks (or any other musicians' for that matter) is not why I like her (or their) music. I like it because it is delicate, and touching, and she has a great voice. If I listen to it when I am in the right mood it is better than being curled up on a couch with a hot toddy (preferably made like this). I just kind of love anyone with musical talent, including the homeless who bang on buckets. Just felt like throwing that out there today. K. Thanks. Now go fall in love with this song! 


  1. great find, jw! reasons why i think you think she is really cute. all or some of these reasons could make this possible:

    - she looks like she could be one of our friends
    - she kind of dresses like us and therefore you could easily see yourself as another version of yourself
    - this is what you want your life to be but realize that you don't have as melodic a voice. your voice is something just as unique though!...at a totally different level : )

  2. she does look like one of our friends thats totally what i thought when I saw this video...she looks like an ISL kid. But then you see her album picture on the myspace page and I just wish I cleaned up that nice.


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