Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jont - Sweetheart

I put my 10,000 (that must be why my computer hates me!) songs on shuffle yesterday and this is what came up. It was a Grey's Anatomy song a good while back. When I was looking up the video for this I came across a lot of other stuff of his I liked. He has released a lot of singles that I like too. I want to put this up before I get super distracted by my new favorite music website (5 million times cooler than pandora!) It is called The Sixty One after the famous Rt. 61. It is a little confusing and I keep jumping from song to song by accident and then I can't find the song I really liked and I get sad. But in time I will have this website down and then new music is going to come out the wazoo and my computer will die under the weight of it all. True story.

I told you I would get sidetracked. Back to the artist at hand....I suggest looking up some of his other songs but this one I just found really cute, he has a more upbeat version on itunes which is good too. Plus I love a skinny guy with a guitar in his hand. Who doesn't? He also has a cool campaign out where if you mention him you can get some of his music from him for free and other cool stuff so check out his sites below

His website:
His myspace:

Other songs to check out: Let's Roll, Another World, Enjoy the good times, 36 Oysters (from his soon to be released album...really awesome!)

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