Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dirty Heads ft. Rome - Lay Me Down

I think it is finally safe to say that spring has arrived which means finding fun songs to blast out windows while feeling nostalgic about college spring, which is sadly oh so different from real world spring. No more impromptu slip n' slides, no see-saw-a-thon with ( awesome college jam band) Kinetix on the lawn (Boston DU grads don't fret they are playing Friday at Harper's Ferry), no trampoline parties, no more campus golf with beers in hand, no skipping class to go floating down the South Platte River on 90 degree days.....I miss Denver. But at least this surfer/reggae rock music reminds me of college.
     Dirty Heads are a fun new group on the scene with some decent songs and if they sound like Sublime its because Rome (from Sublime) sings on their album and is currently touring with them (playing at the House of Blues Boston May 3rd). They have toured with Toubab Krewe (who I recently saw and really liked especially because they play the cora and the kamalengoni). Dirty Heads fit well in the niche with bands like Ballyhoo!, Can't Hang, Bag of Toys, Beautiful Girls, Iration, and my favorite college band, Pepper. . . Put this song in your summer soundtrack before everyone else does, its a keeper. "I could never ask for nothing better than this, It's just tequila and the beach, it's quite salty when we kiss". Happy Spring whether you're in college or wish you still were.

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