Tuesday, April 20, 2010

El Perro Del Mar - Change of Heart Rakamonie Remix

My ipod was on shuffle and this song I had not yet listened to played. I didn't pay much attention to the simple synthy beep bops. Then the beat picked up and I was hearing "we will never stop" lyrics repeat and suddenly I was blasting the song through my headphones, my pace picked up, each new step became purposeful. Just like that, this song became the perfect soundtrack to a breezy, blue skied, spring day. 

I am not typically a fan of remixes nor the electro genre (at least on my ipod), but much like this song, the genre as of late has been taking me by surprise. I wouldn't normally throw an electro song on my ipod for every day listening, it would go where it belongs in the weekend party mix, but songs like this are making me change my ways. Science says that if a baby doesn't like a specific food have him/her try it ten different times and eventually the baby learns to like it, with adults it takes a much longer trial period to adjust our tastes. I like to think that this is also true for music, if you listen to something long enough you will eventually start to find the positive aspects and it will grow on you, it may just take a lot of listens. This song would be easy to overlook or to dismiss saying "I don't really like electro/techno stuff", but if you listen to it in the right mood in the right atmosphere and enough times you might just decide you like it. 

El Perro Del Mar is a swedish singer, Sarah Assbring, whose latest album is titled "Love is Not Pop" which is enough by itself to make me like her. She has collaborated with a favorite of mine, Lykke Li on this song and there is this nifty little video of the two of them singing "Change of Heart". The official video for Change of Heart was voted by Pitchfork as one of the top music videos of 2009. You can get the free download of the remix here or on her website. You can listen to more of her stuff on myspace and make sure to check out "Let Me In". 

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