Friday, May 7, 2010

Delta Spirit - Bushwick Blues

I am so excited for Delta Spirit's new album, History from Below, coming out June 8th. So far a few songs have been (unintentionally?) leaked on the internet and you can get "Bushwick Blues" and "911" if you want to search for them, but I'm pretty sure they are there illegally so you can listen to "Bushwick Blues" on their myspace. While you are there you can check out their tour dates for this summer, it's pretty extensive. They will make an appearance at the Middle East (Cambridge, MA) on June 28th, I will be there. It's going to be a really fantastic summer album, you can tell just by looking at the cover art. That is assuming you judge things by their covers like I do. It screams "awesome summer album for driving to the beach with the windows down and volume up" right? Right.
I loved their last album, "People C'mon", is a song from it that we have mentioned before. They do guitar and drum driven rock with a very classic sound, no computer stuff, the way rock & roll should be. It's nice to know that music like this still exists, thank you Delta Spirit.

"911" is a perfect song about the current times with lyrics, "the folks back east they say the market's fine/ I heard that before in 1929" and other politically charged bits and pieces. "Bushwick Blues" gets played on repeat a lot because it has a fast tempo and well written hooks about a love that's hard to get over. I give this band one of my highest recommendations. I like it so much that I took the time to transcribe the lyrics of my favorite verses just for you (sorry if I botched them). Plus that way I got to play it on repeat some more. During SXSW, Delta Spirit did an acoustic recording of Bushwick Blues that you can watch in the video below. For the more upbeat album version listen on myspace. Hope you like it!
Hold on to my hand 
Never let go, never let go,
We were just two kids, acting tough, 
Well then we grew up, me not so much
All the other guys, that you see, 
are nothing compared  to me, 
because my love is strong and my heart is weak after all. 

(skipped a verse)

To the other side of the states return,
I met a young girl, well I couldn't manage her, 
Because I think of you in every girl I meet, 
It's no relief, it sounds to me, just as sweet,
So maybe I'm a fool for feeling used,
But the way we kiss at night I thought you knew,
Cause my love is strong, and my heart is weak afterall

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