Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"A lark in my heartbeat..."

I just wanted to remind you that Josh Ritter's newest album is out today on itunes or your local record store (yay! finally!).  I have really been enjoying listening to this album streaming on NPR's but I am very excited to finally have it on my ipod. It is a really interesting album, that I would go in depth explaining for you, but why do that when Josh Ritter can explain it for you here on his website.  Seriously, read it, it will increase your appreciation of the album.

"Lark" is a sweet song that struck me when I first listened to the album, and while I have moved on to obsess over "Rattling Locks" and "The Curse", "Lark" is such a happy, uplifting, perfect for spring kind of song. Josh Ritter continues to be the most consistent and talented singer/songwriters of the decade with yet another fantastic album. Enjoy.

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