Friday, May 21, 2010

Leona Naess - Leave Your Boyfriends Behind

I probably shouldn't admit to how I came across this song because one of my college friends said he would disown any of his friends who confess to watching one of the most mindless shows on T.V., Cougar Town. Don't laugh, it is my one guilty pleasure, probably because I hope that when I am 40 I can look half as awesome as Courtney Cox, drink wine with friends from 8am-midnight, live next door to my bff, and hook up with my hot neighbor. In writing that, I just realized how utterly horrible the show is, oh well I'm already hooked. So this song was on it last night and even though this song is old (2008) it is a new one for me. Her album is really good and she sang with Ray LaMontagne on his C.D., so her voice is legit. This song is just really fun but check out her other stuff too on myspace.

Leave Your Boyfriends Behind

Leona Naess | MySpace Music Videos

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