Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moto Boy - Heart is a Rebel

For weeks this song this song was stuck in my head in the worst way. I walked around randomly singing "the heart is a rebel, stay with meeeee" to inanimate objects. It was not pretty, I am a horrendous singer. Eventually I thought the song got unstuck, but this morning when I decided to be crazy and make an egg and cheese sandwich over the usual yogurt, it seemed necessary to belt out "the heart is a rebelllll" in my most operatic an audience of yogurt that I wouldn't be eating. True Story. Moto Boy is clearly using Jedi mind tricks to make me post this song, that must be it. Maybe now the madness will stop. I do like the song, just not my turrets-like outbursts of it.  Go ahead and laugh, but once you listen to it, it will happen to you too because....the heart is rebel, just wait and see! 
The angelic voice of Moto Boy is Oskar Humblebo, a Swede described on his website as "a one man choir with a magnificent operaesque voice accompanied by high lonely tones on a hard rock guitar with the distortion pedal well hidden in the basement." After reading this, I realized his songs could easily be used in Phantom of the Opera. With a look that involves the combination of a George Michael earring, strong features, and the occasional red lipstick, Moto Boy is a hard face to forget, kind of like his songs. Download a lot of his songs for free here on his website.

The Heart Is A Rebelbymotoboy Click here to download Heart is a Rebel for free

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