Monday, May 17, 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth - Graceland (Paul Simon Cover)

      Paul Simon's Graceland album was a staple in my childhood. The african drums beat throughout many dinners, it was a great accompaniment to  summers grilling on the patio, and countless other events. That album, combined with a few other ones like Quincy Jones, James Ingram, and George Winston, was part of the soundtrack to my childhood.
      As of late, it hasn't been Paul Simon in my C.D. player but rather The Tallest Man on Earth's most recent album, The Wild Hunt. I should have mentioned this months ago when the single for "King of Spain" came out in March but somehow I forgot to. Although it was available for free download in an American Songwriter compilation that I posted about. But if you hadn't listened to his album, you absolutely should. It is truely fantastic and many people are saying it is one of the top albums of 2010.
        Getting back to the song at hand, this cover blew me away. This time I think it really is because of the banjo and the unique voice. I have loved this song for such a long time and it was nice to hear a different version of it. And now I have been playing it over and over. It is sold exclusively on his european tour which is kind of a bummer but I was lucky enough to come across it. So you can play and download it using the link (from one of my favorite music blogs Music vs. Misery) below and you can listen to it via the youtube video as well. Enjoy!

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