Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breakbot - Baby, I'm Yours

Let me just tell you, this video the day after surgery is AMAZING. Every time I close my eyes I already get a kaleidoscope effect, this video just kept the effect going when my eyes were opened. I must have watched it 15 times straight. If I could two step around like a fool right now, that is exactly what I would be doing. The song is by the popular French DJ, Breakbot and is surely going to be a summer hit. I like the song and all of its retroness but this video is a real work of art, one that is very rare to see in music videos today. It took four months to watercolor each individual image one after another. I found it on where they said: "Baby, I’m Yours", by Breakbot is beautifully composed of approximately 2,000 individual images, each painstakingly painted with watercolors one right after another by Irina Dakava." You just have to watch it and appreciate the detail and creativity that went into this. Full screen viewing and good speakers are highly recommended for your best viewing pleasure. 
"Something tells me that i'm dreaming
i can see us there

waving unaware

of problems that have a tendency to keep
keep the truth confined
far from our minds

you need someone you can believe in

this i do declare

trust me i'll be there
the road that leads to heaven can be so steep
i will help you climb
change your state of mind

listen baby

your wish is my command

baby won't you understand" 

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