Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Josh Ritter - The Curse

Hey all, I am back on the bandwagon (lame pun intended)....I am very sorry for my absence but I am back for good. Its just too bad my other collaborators were also busy and couldn't pick up the slack. Let's start off with one of my favorite songs from the new Josh Ritter album. The video was just released a few days ago. It is a story about a mummy and his archeologist falling in love in waltz time. It is beautiful and I have spent a lot of time listening to this one since the album came out a few weeks ago. The video was created by Ritter's drummer, Liam Hurley.


  1. A week between posts is too long. Please try and be more considerate to your followers!


  2. I agree. It was too long. Sorry about that. I will try and do double time next week. Lots of good stuff coming up, just weak descriptions. But tons of new tunes. Thats what matters the most!


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