Monday, June 7, 2010

Whitton - I Fell in Love

Here is an artist headed straight for pop-stardom with her catchy "I Fell in Love" tune and judging by the way she is being marketed.  It is kind of a shame because I think her song could do well in the indie singer/songwriter world but whoever is managing her seems to have different visions of fame. (I could be way off, but this is just what I am assuming based on my minimal research). Anyways, listen to this song if you are in the mood for a sweet poppy tune that has a (tiny) bit of ingrid michaelson/regina spektor edge to it. The videos out there are not that great so use one of the links above to hear the good stuff.


  1. Do you always need help ? And if you want my help(assistant), I need that you explain the problems that you meet the things of your blog for which you become viciously angry against you and what you need even if I already have to target gaps

  2. Send me an email in your language of choice and I can answer you better. Thanks Chris.


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