Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Johnny Flynn, Love Language, and The Cults

Hooray for no hungover post-concert haze blog post today. Sorry if yesterday was a little ridiculous, that happens sometimes. Tonight, I will be going to see Mean Creek and The Love Language at T.T. the Bears in Cambridge, it should be a good show and something entirely different from the Mystery Roar and Delorean concert I went to.  But for today here are a few great songs I have been enjoying.

I came across this via one of my favorite music blogs Tsururadio on one of their playlist. (Actually I got it in may from The Blue Walrus but somehow it got lost in the shuffle). This is a fantastic summer tune on the folkier side but with trumpets. This is probably my favorite song of the week plus it mentions a "cow tipping expedition" in the first verse. 

This band has a 60s ish vibe similar to She & Him but with lots of hand claps. 

This new New York band who hides in obscurity came out with "Go Outside" in January sometime and I have been playing it ever since. This new one is just as good.  

And just for kicks here is a crazy electronic song, that I thought was really stupid at first but it kept popping up on shuffle and I started to like it. It's catchy, and based on what gets played on the radio these days, I think it could be perfect for any of the kiss fm stations out there. 

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