Sunday, July 11, 2010

Songs from last week...

Here is a completely random selection of what I have been listening to this past week. None of these songs have anything to do with one another so just pick and choose what tickles your fancy. More coming this week to make up for last week's absence. A side note: All of Junes song will be preview only as of tomorrow, so download what you want before it's gone.

MP3: Free Energy - Bang Pop
I have been playing Free Energy's songs all week and I have yet to tire of a single song. I recently decided this was my current favorite for its simplicity and because it makes me think of bottle rockets and those summer nights.

MP3: Chatham County Line - Out of the Running
A delightful bluegrass tune from an old favorite band of mine. If you like the banjo and a dash of harmonica check these guys out.

MP3: The Girls Can Hear Us - Let's Swim
This ridiculous dancey summer tune always makes me laugh. I am constantly on the verge of deleting it but then I hear this: "I propose a toast, to hold these moments close, till we're comatose, until we glow like ghosts, until our homes have moats, till our birthdays have floats, till our backyards have boats, come on let's swim..." It's just so craptastic that you have to wonder if it was written for Ke$ha.

MP3: The White Panda - The Next Starf*cker 
Then there is this guilty pleasure, a really good mashup involving Snoop & Dr. Dre & Starf*cker. And I am not the type of person that normally enjoys mashups so I highly suggest you listen to it. Lots of fun.

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