Monday, August 9, 2010

Lies, all lies.

Turns out I totally lied about that mixtape I promised you for today. My computer literally does not have the capacity to upload a file to the internet, or save the mixtape file (but you can see that I did actually make it in the picture). It will probably take 10 minutes for this post to upload. It is time for a week long, maybe longer, feature; "Hidden Gems". (See More LIES!) I have to go through and delete as many songs as possible on my computer before it explodes, or maybe computers implode, I don't know. Yes, this has been a long time coming, since I filled up my back up hard drive months ago and I should have been more prepared and/or careful. But the plus side of all of this is the rediscovery of old songs.

Obviously this is the song that came to mind when my computer reached it's limit. "Won't you help me cure this overload"

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