Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The unlikely folk hero...Steven Slater

I have become totally engrossed in the Steven Slater story, the man who quit his Jet Blue flight attendant job by dramatically exiting the plane via emergency exit slide, with a beer or two in hand. The internet is basically exploding with stories and opinions about all of this. There are various facebook pages dedicated to him, two songs, he earned a top spot on twitter's trending topics for the past two days. You can even buy this t-shirt via donkey tees. He is a hero to millions now. I just think people need to get some manners. I fly often and can't imagine having the job of a flight attendant, nor can I imagine getting into a fight with one. Sure there have been some not so nice attendants with attitude but they are few and far between.
There are now two songs about Steven Slater already which just blows my mind. This is a link to the first song, the second one is the youtube video below.

There is another girl out there who quit her job with slightly less press but in a way that makes you admire her audacity. But people are saying it is a fake, still something worth considering.

Here is a video of his first interview. Here is a video with animation from a foreign news show and it's a rather hilarious reenactment. Not to mention how every newspaper and website has picked up on the story.

Top tweets about Steven Slater include: "On behalf of all of us thinking of creative ways of leaving our jobs, screw you Steven Slater for setting the bar ridiculously high." and "Slater for Governor"  

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