Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Donovan Woods - Let Go Lightly

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I am jumping on this Donovan Woods bandwagon. I saw Donovan Woods posted yesterday on the blog, I Guess I'm Floating, and it was just the song I needed to hear. Since I am too busy listening to the songs, I'm going to have to give you what the press release said, because I completely agree with it.

It was 2007 when Toronto singer/songwriter Donovan Woods released The Hold Up; an album that Exclaim! called "an engaging and articulate window into the heart of an extremely unique writer". Three years later, Donovan has pushed his 'gruff but surprisingly tender' voice up front in the 12 songs of this year's "The Widowmaker". This time around, expect touches of piano, banjo, synth tones and female backing vocals to his signature acoustic guitar led songs. A great follow-up showcasing the growth of a talented songwriter.

He describes his music as an amalgamation between the folk music he grew up on and the pop music he couldn’t stop himself from listening to during the late 90’s. His music is intense, melodic and conveys a sense of great urgency.

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