Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh Land - Sun of a Gun

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          Here is some wonderful new music from this danish beauty (is there any other kind?), Oh Land, otherwise known as Nanna Øland Fabricius.  This song is about as catchy as it gets, full of sing-a-along-ability and perfect for a friday. If you like Marina and the Diamonds or Lenka you will like Oh Land too.
       Part of what makes this track such a stand out from all the other dancey poppy songs out there is that the 23 year old programs and arranges all the music herself. Her record label, Fake Diamond, includes this in her bio: "It is nonetheless awe inspiring that Nanna not only sings on Fauna (her album), but also programmes her own beats, plays the piano, guitar and violin and samples everything from pots and pans to buzzing flies and her own voice. In this fashion, Nanna’s personal imprint is solidly embedded in all aspects of her ambitious soundscapes." Rather impressive for someone whose first career path was a ballerina.
      There are already two stellar remixes out but I remain a fan of the original. While everyone is making a fuss over "Sun of a Gun" I want to remind you that the rest of the album is equally fantastic. Be sure to check it out. Happy Listening.

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