Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Delano Orchestra - Seawater

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this video. Being mesmerized by the ocean is not a hard thing, much like how people can watch a burning fire for hours. This video uses the crashing waves over and over again so that it becomes almost impossible to turn away from. I like the camera angle they use and that disoriented feeling when the camera is just below the surface, just like how if you were knocked down by a wave. It's simple but very cool. Chillwave songs should have made videos more like this instead of those washed out vintage colored lo-fi videos. I think this imagery works way better. Anyways, maybe you'd be interested in knowing that I also really enjoy the song too. The Delano Orchestra makes very cinematic music so it is no surprise that this video is also directed and created by one of the band members.

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