Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Widowers - Central Discount [Album]

Something very strange just happened. I just listened to this whole album very mindlessly, and not until the last song ended was I able to decide I liked it. 98% of the time I can decide right away how I feel about a song but this album was in murky middle ground. But when I realized I just listened to the whole album, and was willing to listen to it again, it clicked: I like this. Plus, my toes were involuntarily tapping along.

Their voices work well together and the straightforward manner of their songs is something I really appreciated. There is no mystery, no fancy recording tricks, in fact a few of the songs were recorded with just one mic on a dusted laptop. Central Discount is a group of guitar driven songs, with some pretty good little riffs thrown in. In the modern mess of all these fuzzy indie bands, it is refreshing to hear some good old indie rock with a twinge of punk. Most of the songs use the same formula and there is little variety between them, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as it makes Central Discount a cohesive little package that I am about to go ahead and listen to for a third time. Check them out on bandcamp or stream the album below.

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