Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Evening Hymns - Just Like Christmas

Here's another indie christmas song for you. Although it seems that to make such songs, bands just use some old melodies they've had kicking around, add some jingle bells, maybe use the word Christmas and voila an indie christmas song is born. While there isn't much to this one, you still get to hear their beautiful voices and a soothing melody. I love Evening Hymn's other song "Broken Rifle" which is sadly no longer available for free download. Their last album was released in 2009 so hopefully they have something in store for us in 2011.

Just Like Christmas (Low cover)

*Update: After posting this, and a brief twitter convo with Draw Us Lines, Evening Hymns got in touch with us both to let us know that they are working on a new album. And they also sent over a video of a new song "Cabin in the Burn". And that folks, it why twitter is so cool, despite what your friends may think.

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