Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kori Pop - Northern Belle

This is the song that wraps me up like a blanket and gives me whispers of hope that things can change. It is unbelievably simple and Kori Pop's voice is one of those that somehow penetrates my heart and lingers like a mist in my head for a few days at a time. Her words cloud my thoughts at the most unlikely times, rushing to the forefront when I least expect to recall a song. I've been sitting on this one for a few days  two months now. I was going through my drafts and saw that I never posted this song. Kori Pop is exactly what you want out of a pop artists, she has a wonderful voice, her lyrics are thoughtful, and her songs are fun to listen to. While this song is on the sadder side, the rest of her stuff is a little more upbeat.

Luckily for us she also has a four song Holiday CD available for free on bandcamp. Definitely check it out if holiday songs are your thing. The lyrics for her original christmas song are enough to make anyone smile. Just remember more love goes into handmade gifts. 

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