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A Constantly Updated LIST OF LISTS

It's that time of year for lists and lots of them. It's madness out there navigating through it all. Here are some selected blogger's lists that have popped up recently. I know all these people put a lot of effort and listening time into their selections, making them all worthwhile reading. There are a lot out there, and more pouring in by the day so best of luck sorting through them all. Hopefully this might help. * denote my biased display of favoritism.

*TsuruRadio: 25 Most Awesomests Tsururific Albums of 2010 A great list with a few surprises in there (Electric President and The Shivers). I agree with a lot of the selections and if you are a regular reader or hit up the Tsuru mixtapes upon occasion the numero uno album won't surprise you. Also comes with a zip of songs from the albums...mighty excellent.

Also on Tsururadio: 59 favorite songs of 2010 from the Tsuru Community. All the writers for Tsururadio submitted songs for this, making it an eclectic list of goodies.

We Listen For You: Top 25 Songs Of 2010 a list comprised of soundcloud and bandcamp links that makes the site run very slow, but totally worth checking out. I don't even know how to explain this list because it seems to encapsulate everything out there so well that it feels like he covered 50 songs instead of 25. Plus Sharon Van Etten's "DSharpg" gets it's dues.

Also on WLFY: We Listen For You: WLFY's 7 Best 7"s Of 2010 seriously great list that makes you wish you owned all 7 7"s. Those are some pretty looking goods. *5 Worst Albums of 2010. I hated the nonsensical buzz Best Coast got too. Use this link to see all their lists. Don't forget to check out WLFY Top 10 Records with some snazzy accompanying artwork too. He also has a Best/Worst list up which is pretty interesting and slightly controversial, but we all knew he was going to dig into Pitchfork so it's not a surprise and is getting rather old.

Everybody Taste: 50 Best Songs of 2010 This is covered in 5 posts consisting of 10 songs each. This is a really well written list with a nice blurb on each song. I was surprised by the "Song of the Year" pick but it seems like most people, E.T. included, agree with having the Morning Benders, Joanna Newsom, Cults, and Sharon Van Etten on their lists and I have to agree.

Also on Everybody Taste: Best EPs of 2010 Makes for a good way to include Tallest Man on Earth, Girls, and Lord Huron on a list.

Listen Before You Buy: Top 31 Albums of 2010 This one involves a kick ass contest where you can win the top three albums on vinyl, you just have to pimp each post a little. This is one of the more interesting end of year lists because it is done in countdown form starting from December 1st which makes it extra fun to follow. The layout of each post is done really well too with big links to buy the albums and big pictures of the album. For a first time list maker this is mighty impressive. Hats off to you!

Music for Ants: 25 Best Music Videos of 2010 Here is a list I could never dream of tackling myself. It is far too overwhelming to sift through videos but this is quite the list. With El Guincho, Chromeo, and of course the HTML5 Arcade Fire video in the ranks, this list can keep you amused for quite some time.

Also: 50 Best Songs of 2010 comes with a zip file for download. 

Captains Dead: Top 11 Albums of 2010 First off, I love that there are 11 top albums and that Trampled By Turtles sneaks in at the #11 spot. This one varies a bit from the blogs listed above, but in a good way. And again if you are a regular reader of his, than this list makes sense.

*Chromewaves: Favorite Albums of 2010 This is a perfect short and sweet top ten list. I was excited to see both Stornoway (who I saw in concert friday) and Olenka & The Autumn Lovers (who I fell in love with thanks to CBC Radio 3) on the list. A great list with some albums you'd expect and then some surprises that could be on their way to being your new favorites.

Slowcoustic: Favourite Canadian Albums of 2010 A great list with a lot of artists you might have never heard of, I only know three on this list. Sometimes it seems like Canadians keep their music wrapped up in the cold north and keep it for themselves and it takes awhile to trickle down to the states. But if you read this blog, you can be sure to be ahead of the game.

*Favorite Albums of 2010. A list of 13 with 3 honorable mentions. I know this is due to the fact that I sit more on the folk side of the fence, but I am in love with this list, but that is really no surprise since most of my musical purchases this year were due to Slowcoustic suggestions. Plus it doesn't look like anybody else's list, not even a little bit.

You Ain't No Picasso: Favorite 30 Albums of 2010 I feel like a lot of the albums on this list came from the first half of the year and are some that have been neglected on the other lists. Portugal, The Man takes the number one spot and I don't think you'll find another list this year that does that. 2 points for original #1 spot choice.

Dailybeatz: Top 20 Albums of 2010 I love that this list includes Sia, Javelin, and Phantogram, and all those other electronic goodies that we would expect from Dailybeatz. I really like this list, probably because it offers a little something different than most of the others. Also has accompanying mixtape available for dl via soundcloud.

*Also on Daily Beatz: Top Remixes of 2010 Chris is my go to guy for electronic music and remixes so I give this list my highest recommendation, he really knows his stuff. Delphic's "Doubt" (Build Remix) takes the number one spot.

Neon Musical Insight: 25 Finest Songs of 2010 I don't read this site but if you are looking for some more electronic selections check it out. Gobble Gobble takes #1, Teen Daze, Twin Shadow, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Beach House, Baths, Gauntlet get the idea.

Gorilla Vs. Bear: 30 Albums of 2010 With Arcade Fire taking a back seat to everything else at spot #22, it looks slightly different than some of the other lists. A lot of that nitty gritty lo-fi indie stuff is on this list with dum dum girls, harlem , Shackleton on the list. Big Boi comes in at number 6 which is nice to see, and then there are a few obscure bands that I've never heard of thrown in the mix too. Certainly an interesting list.

*Music Savage: 20 Albums of 2010 a countdown throughout the week spreads out this list. From a guy that posts about 3-6 songs a day (sometimes more I think) all by himself, while working a full time job, he is pretty much a music blogging machine. Also, he must spend every waking minute listening to songs. Oh wait, he also wakes up with songs stuck in his head and blogs about those too. Nice to see his favorite albums stand out in his list.

Aquarium Drunkard: Year in Review 2010 a nice written newsletter of sorts that sums up the year focusing on some of the best music coming from all over as well as reissues. It is a great snapshot of the year with lots of linkage to keep you busy.

*Knox Road: Top Albums of 2010 25 albums listed here and most of them are the usual suspects. But nice to see Jonsi finally make a list at #25 as well as Balmorhea #18. Sufjan Stevens makes it all the way to #2 and if you think you can guess the #1 spot, you're probably wrong. I was surprised with the top choice but I don't think it was a bad choice either. See for yourself.

Stadiums & Shrines: 15 Favorite LPs of 2010 Love that I'm finally seeing Future Islands snag a high spot. I also really like this mixed up list with some popular ones and then a handful of unknowns (Mark McGuire and RxRy...who are they?). Now I'm listening to Mark McGuire for the first time and loving it. Ahh the beauty of a good list.

The Leaving Scene: Most Treasured 7" Singles of 2010 it is what it sounds like and I loooove the #1 song. So beautiful.

*Dyson Sound: Top 10 Listened to Albums an aptly titled list which seems like a fair way to select albums. Brilliant #1 choice, but I won't spoil the surprise. I like that it is short and sweet with a little bit of everything. Plus Blake Mills shows up here (also on Music Savage's list) and now that I have purchased that album, I think I'll jump on that bandwagon too.

Their Bated Breath: 15 Best Albums of 2010 I love this blog, the writing, the thoughts, the music presented. I was 90% sure this would be the first, if not only, list I'd read to put Sarah Jaffe on this list and it makes me happy to see her there. Cours Lapin is a cool choice too. This list is also well designed and nicely presented.

Pasta Primavera: Top Albums of 2010 This is an interesting one with all the usual culprits (Toro y Moi, Kisses, Yeasayer, Warpaint, Wolf Parade, Caribou etc.) but in a totally different order than all the other blogs' lists. Also a few I haven't heard of, very intriguing list.

Melophobe: 20 Best Albums of 2010. I like how this was compiled. Melophobe's 20 contributers had 100 points to distribute between a maximum of 15 albums. A great system to use, making for a great list of some of the most agreed upon top albums. Naturally this means Arcade Fire, Kanye, and The National take the top three spots. Gold star for using math to create this list.

Also on Melophobe: Top 10 Hip-Hop albums

Karen Hart: I always forget the name of her blog since she is @fortherecord on twitter. She graces us with 55 Songs Worth Obsessing Over with an accompanying zip file of them all. Yippee.

Rawk Blog: EP Singles of the year, and 50 Records of 2010 and not one of them is Arcade Fire. 

*Said the Gramophone: Best Songs of 2010 and as Sean prefaces his post with: "These are my 100 favourite songs of 2010: songs I love more than gold & silver & snowstorms on the smaller side." This is one of my top five favorite music blogs so of course I am loving this list filled with one hundred little treasures all available for downloads.

The Broken Speaker: Best of 2010: Canadian Albums and Best Songs of 2010 love the Canadian albums but the best songs are done in youtube video format. My computer is too slow to handle that. There is best of coverage in the form of many different list from December 8-18th here, makes checking in everyday a worthwhile experience.

***They are making the best, most original list. Read them!
Draw Us Lines: Top 10 Live Shows of 2010

Also check out this brilliant Top Ten list of the most unique voices in music. Well done guys!

Popdose: Rob Smith's Top 10 Albums & Favorite Track a good list and highly surprised by a very buzzed about electronic artist earning a top spot. Frankly, I'd put this artist on my best of list not for his music but for his outstanding and effective use of social media to get noticed. All musicians should follow his model since he won over many a blogger and developed strong relationships with them and topped Hype Machine multiple times. Bet you can guess who by now. Sorry to take away from popdose but I had to throw that out there.

The Recommender: 20 Top Albums of the Year Gayngs gets one of the first mentions I've seen yet and is placed high on the list at #7. I dig this blog but not so sure how I feel about the list. Certainly a different one, just look at the #1 pick. But that is what is so great about the blogosphere someone always has a different opinion.

Also on The Recommender: The Best Music Blogs of 2010 (as voted by other music bloggers). Huge congrats to Sunset in the Rearview for winning along with the others in the top. Turned out to be a really awesome list.

The Ruckus: 50 Tracks We're Loving in 2010 I definitely love the list of tracks better than albums because I think you will find a much more varied selection and this one makes for an excellent playlist. Stream away.

Those Who Dig: Favorite Albums of 2010 I know this is going to be a different kind of list, so I'm looking forward to the rest in this spread out series. The link is to the first day. Also mentioned: man crush on Jamie Lidell. Who knew?

Also on TWD: 10 Most Dug Songs of 2010

Sunset in the Rearview: Top 20 Albums of 2010. If it wasn't for her, I'd listen to hip-hop a whole lot less. She has Yelawolf on the list and I'm really enjoying it.  She also has the soulful Fitz & The Tantrums at #3 which is one of the most underrated picks of the year, you need to listen.

Stay tuned for: Some unique and useful lists coming out near the first day of 2011

Pop Dose: Michael Parr's Top Albums So refreshing to read a best of pop list. I didn't know The Weepies, an abondoned favorite of mine, had a sad song on their new record. I only like the Weepies when they are sad. And Amy Petty makes the list too. 

Hype Machine: (Zeitgeist Coming January 3rd)

Magazine/popular webzine lists:
Odds and Ends:

  • Read Hipster Runoff for Carles' take on Rolling Stone and SPIN's lists.
  • A MUST READ article about Best of/Favorite lists. Very well put from Rawk Blog
  • Also, Largehearted Boy has me beat with his aggregate list which is also constantly updated. But my list is basically just what I see in my twitter feed, so it is only from bloggers I care about.

I'll be updating this throughout the weeks, the list of lists should grow like a disease, try and keep up. Let me know what I'm missing.

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  1. Love it, Jessica. Sunset will be doing a small list, too. A couple, in fact!


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