Sunday, February 20, 2011

Songs for the Weekend

Just remembered this red wine fueled post I wrote on Friday. Enjoy.
I hit one of those walls this week, kind of like that guy unfortunately pinned to the wall there. I didn't mean to hit it, I didn't even see it coming. I came home and just collapsed on the couch feeling defeated by life. It's a crappy way to start a weekend. But then it wasn't the bottle of red wine, the surprise release from Radiohead, the nice weather, or the long weekend ahead that snapped me out of this funk. It was the right notes from the right music. I scrolled through some stuff and little by little I was revived. It started with a toe tapping and head bopping and eventually evolved into a full fledged dance session, just me and my bottle of wine. Then I curled up on the couch to watch the thunderstorm and passed out. Exciting life I lead, I know.

Gosh darn happy beats get me every time. I don't know much about electronic music but I am always drawn to this type of song. And the silly song title makes me think of little shrimps dancing around a cocktail plate, which is kind of glorious...and also I may be insane. But hold out till the 2:15 mark when it picks up. The end half of this song really did the trick.

Then there was the new Lykke Li song that like the previous ones (Follow Rivers and Get Some) came out of nowhere but at precisely the right time. This one isn't as in your face as the other two. It does have lyrics that are already being quoted all over the internets. It's a nice song even though it kind of has a bit of the "we're all going to die" theme to it. But it's a good reminder to get off your butt and "dance while you can" or do something because "it won't last forever"
Now that Sunday has rolled around I finally feel a little more like a person and less like a zombie. It's a great day to go for a walk with some headphones and enjoy the little things. I think I'm headed to the local brewery, I might even do a little dance on the way. Hopefully you can find music that does the same thing for you. Enjoy your weekend.

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