Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting [Album Review]

Young Galaxy's third LP, Shapeshifting, was released yesterday and it has it's spellbinding moments and others where the spell is broken. Certain aspects and beats become redundant at times making for a few bland songs. But the parts that do captivate like the entirety of "Cover Your Tracks" are like huge arching daydreams, except someone else is writing them for you and sticking it in your head. I keep going back and forth on this album because it seems to only be fitted for a certain mood. When my ipod gets the timing just right and surprises me with a Young Galaxy track that moment suddenly becomes golden, vibrant, and clean. It's up for you to decide on this one, because I clearly can't. Buy here. Make sure to watch the cartoon video for We Have Everything after the jump, it's rather crazy and going viral.

Many reviews are giving a lot of credit to a Swede responsible for mixing this record long distance while the band stayed in Montreal, Canada sending their music through the internets to  Dan Lissvik of Studio. I don't care much for that type of babble so you can read more about it here at the label website or one of those reviews here. Now lean back and relax for 3:58 minutes while you watch this video.

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