Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fernando Viciconte - Beautiful

Fernando Viciconte recently released his 7th full album in February. I think he's awesome and I don't know why this is the first I'm hearing of him. His song "Beautiful" is really wonderful and simple with a lot of getting drunk going on. The lyrics "Oh god damn, you're beautiful / I'll never never let you go/ Yeah, you mean so much to me" come across as genuine and heartfelt. "Word from the Inside" is more rough and tumble featuring an electric guitar and some serious banging on a piano. As I've been writing this, and listening to his songs, I've decided to buy the album. He's good and provides a nice (and much needed) alt-country break from the world of indie music. Buy the new album, True Instigator, here.
Fernando Viciconte - Beautiful
Fernando Viciconte - Word from the inside

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