Saturday, March 5, 2011

Martin Sexton - Sugarcoating

Martin Sexton was on a folky mix given to me back when I was in high school and I became infatuated. His original song "Hallelujah" and "Faith on the Table" were those songs that made it on to multiple mixtapes for years. If you are unfamiliar with those songs I can't recommend them enough, so click the links to give the live versions a spin. I still listen to my favorite albums of his Wonder Bar and Black Sheep when the mood strikes, but it never crossed my mind that he might have something new. But alas, there is a new album and I'm so excited to dig in. I never would have known about it if I hadn't seen this guy tweet about it. It's a really comfortable feeling to come back to new material from a musician that's been around for years. You can also get two free tracks from the new album if you submit your email address here. You can buy it here.

Listen to his jazzy "Boom Sh-Boom" song below which incorporates some of the best euphemisms for sex (ex. the lazy ballerina) that I've heard in a quite some time. "The Boom sh-boom and the doo-wah ditty are the secret to our bliss."

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