Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mixtapes of Yore #3

Mixtapes of Yore is a weekly feature where I pull out an old mix cd and give it a spin. It's a way to remember forgotten songs, laugh at my music choices, and usually stories and MP3s are connected to the mixes.
Yes I do also have Fun Stuff #1, #2, and #4, but this #3 caught my eye first. In the beginning of my mixtape making mania, I realized I would need to do a better job at classifying my mixes because I was making so many. So I started assigning mixes to one of three genres: Fun Stuff, The Hot Mixes, and Driving Mixes. I couldn't tell you the difference except "hot mix" was code for songs about sex, because I was 14 and that made sense at the time. They are also my oldest mixes dating from 2000-2003 before I started coming up with more creative names. This week I'll just refresh your memory on where these songs came from.

Fun Stuff #3
1. The Pimps - Sumpin' - This was from the Crazy/Beautiful movie with Kristen Dunst and I was obsessed with both the movie and playing this angry song really loud.

2. Our Lady Peace - Innocent I loved OLP, so angsty and depressing

3. Bad Astronaut - Jessica's Suicide this song was horrifying to hear again. I guess I was desperate to find a song with my name in it since all I had for Jessica was the instrumental Allman Brothers, and I wanted  a Jessica song with lyrics and ended up with this. I seriously hope your names have better songs to go with them than this one.

4. Steve Wariner - Katie Wants a Fast One I know I was looking for name songs because this is a country song and my best friend in high school (and now) is a Katie.

5. Dr. Evil - Hardknock Life Parody oh the years of quoting Austin Powers.

6. Counting Crows - Up All Night Counting Crows' songs are on most of my mixes for a six year period

7. Goo Goo Dolls - Big Machine Did anyone know they released a new album last August?

8. Ben Harper - By My Side too bad Ben Harper got cast in with the hippie pot head crowd because this song seems better than that.

9. Collective Soul - After All yeah they still make music and go on tour in April. Crazy.

10. Dashboard Confessional - Sweet Summer aww my first emo band

11. Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure this song was my first introduction to Rufus Wainwright via Adam Sandler's Big Daddy movie, loved him ever since. Easily best song on the mix.

12. Nas - One Mic Yup I still know every word. I like how out of place this song is.

13. Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary

14. The Get Up Kids - I'll Catch You I forgot that I knew this band way back then.

15. The Getaway People - How She Gave Me Love they broke up in 2002

16. Goo Goo Dolls - Broadway I still kind of love this song

17. Pennywise - Every time horrible song

18. Along the Watchtower some crappy cover ripping off the Michael Hedges cover

What's scary is that I still know every word to 95% of these songs and I find it amazing how much of a connection we form with songs from our high school - college stages in life. While some of these songs are terrible based on my standards of today, they have become almost sentimental reminders of who I was ten years ago and are somehow deeply ingrained in my memory. What songs are you surprised you still remember?

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