Thursday, March 10, 2011

Phil Cook & His Feat - Ballad of a Hungry Mother

This song showed up just in time for the grey and rainy weather. It's so much one of those days that I hardly feel like blogging but I think you need to hear this song. I've been craving a song that sounds like it comes from a sunny wooden porch and this is the one.
Phil Cook may sound familiar to you because he is one part of Megafaun and in his off time from the band has taken up playing around with folk instruments like the dobro, banjo, and acoustic guitar. On this solo album he delves into traditional American folk music and the way it used to sound. The entire eight songs were recorded in one day in his North Carolina house during an ice storm. However, I very much doubt it will sound like a rushed effort judging by this first single.

Hungry Mother Blues will be released on May 10 in Trekky Records' signature 3-part package, including a 45RPM vinyl record, a CD and an MP3 download.

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