Sunday, March 6, 2011

Van Morrison - Caravan

I was craving the perfect song to fit this Sunday mood and was really hoping to find something new and wonderful, but I never did. As I was combing through all the new music, none of which fit the bill, I realized I just wanted to hear Van Morrison. I wanted it so bad I fell down the stairs rushing to find the CD. So my morning started with a mouthful of blood but by the time I got to "Wonderful Remark" everything was good again. People love to ask about my favorite band of all time and the answer is always Van Morrison, for so many reasons that mostly personal. But I'm always happy and satisfied with my answer because I think for a lot of people they are really torn. But not me. Van's my man. This is really just a friendly reminder to play a little Van Morrison, do a little dance, a little singing along, whatever floats your boat. It's sunday, so relax and play the music you love.

The video below is from the must watch "The Last Waltz" concert documentary done by Scorsese. However the video and sound don't match up so just ignore that.

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