Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Barr Brothers - Beggar in the Morning

After watching the talented Barr Brothers last night, I can say with the utmost certainty that this Montreal based band is one you should know about. They were responsible for the bulk of the crowd that showed last night despite Torquil Campbell (of Stars) and his new side project band Memphis headlining. The Barr Brothers started off the evening playing this song in the most attention grabbing way.  Brad Barr threaded a string around his guitar string so that when he pulled on it, it appeared as though he was flossing his guitar. This created an effect that elongated the notes and probably lots of other stuff that I don't know about. He also took a tape player and played a little bit of a talking track and then would rewind it and looped the resulting noise. There was a lot going on and it definitely made the crowd take notice right away. 

All of this was the lead into a song that I have found to be more than perfect for today, "Beggar in the Morning". You can watch the video of their live performance of this song here. You might understand what I was trying to explain better if you do. A full review and pictures will be up soon.

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