Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coyote Kolb - Freight Train

Coyote Kolb was recommended by fellow local americana band, Larcenists, when I asked for some suggestions. I actually got a chance to see them at the recent Americana Festival in Boston and loved their songs. There was a free sampler given away at the festival and this happened to be one of my favorite songs on it, especially after I learned the backstory.

The song "Freight Train was written by Elizabeth Cotton in the early 1900's, allegedly when she was only 11 years old. The rest of the Americana compilation features other boston bands doing renditions of old-timey's in danger of dying. It certaintly isn't the happiest compilation, but the stories that are told through song are in danger of being lost in the forgetten stacks in the library or on a smithsonian shelf somewhere. The fact that these local and modern bands are giving them a new life means the stories can be passed around once again. The band goes on to say "These are the kinds of songs, and the kind of music woven into our history as a nation, and as a people,. We believe this (americana) music tells many tales of who and what we have been and are becoming as a people. We intend not so much to preserve, but to apply. "
Of course make sure you check out their original songs from the album Massachusett on bandcamp. "Word to the Wise" is my weekday anthem.

Upcoming shows: 
April 30th - Tom Waits Tribute Shwo
May 25th - Precinct
May 26th - The Red Door (Portsmouth, NH)
May 27th - Capitol Center for the Arts (Concord, NH)

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