Sunday, April 24, 2011

Inbox Purging: A mix-matched playlist

Happy Easter. Here's some music to keep you company. The week of inbox purging went alright but I still have 300 e-mails in the inbox that I'd like to cut down to 0. So here is the first batch for your picking and choosing pleasure. I tried to keep my favorites near the top. Enjoy.

Ages & Ages - So So Freely
First track off the Portland band's debut album. Very much worth buying. Stream/buy on bandcamp. Band is currently touring. Find out more on their website.

Galapaghost - Runnin' 
The chorus of this song is just way too good. Casey Chandler writes, mixes, and plays all the instruments on all of his three EPs. Lots of potential here. website

Fort Frances - The Ghosts of California
This band absolutely deserves their own post. Their album, The Atlas, is truly wonderful. Their sound reminds me a lot of The Damnwells. They have some new videos and tracks (I think) and I will do them justice then. bandcamp.

Poi Dog Pondering - Sweet Thing (Van Morrison Cover)
I'm always wary of Morrison covers since the original versions are so high on my list. But this is a fun rock version off of the album Audio Love Letter a virtual tip of the hat to the band's favorite musicians. website.

Mark Berube - My Me Lady
Indie chamber-folk from Canada. Lots of notable guests appear on his album, June in Siberia, released March 1st. website.

The Black Lilies - Two Hearts Down 
Americana with a southern touch. If you like Nickel Creek but always wished it was more upbeat check this band out. bandcamp.

Ami Saraiya - Purging, Purging
I first heard her soulful voice during The Waiting Room radio show when they played "Sour Mash". I later found out she had a new EP our which is where "purging" comes from. Love the album artwork. website.

Just 150 more emails to go! Hopefully you found something you liked in this selection.

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